Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reader feedback: If insurance won't pay and a patient dies -- tough!

I recently wrote about the case of Nataline Sarkisyan, a 17-year-old California girl who died because CIGNA refused to pay for a liver transplant.


Research Articles LARRY E. JONES, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Volume 12 Issue 01 , pp 97-111 Abstract This note provides a formal justification for the Friedman and Savage nonconcavity in the utility of money.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Take Insurance When You Travel

Travel Insurance is available as an international medical insurance for individuals and families to afford to you comprehensive medical coverage worldwide.

Re: OT Car accidents, insurance companies and replacement cars

Sorry to hear about the accident - and glad to hear you weren't very hurt (other than your nerves).

Edwards Announces Plan To Take On Health Insurance Companies To ...

Edwards Announces Plan To Take On Health Insurance Companies To Help Families As part of "America Belongs to Us" week, Edwards calls for stronger insurance laws to prevent abuse and ensure American families can get the care they need ...

Insurance Directory, Liability Insurance, Mortgage Insurance is the useful resources for online insurance directory. Offer international insurance, property and casualty, individual and small business, actuarial science, automotive, claims, education and more.

Friday, November 28, 2008

15 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Quote

1. Shop around The difference in price between various companies can be significant. What one company may consider a high risk factor another company may not view as so important.

Property Insurance Claim

A property insurance claim is a formal request of assistance from your insurance company after suffering from damages caused by incidents outlined in your policy. A property insurance claim is a legal document.

Florida Health Insurance Web on Republican Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is a strong candidate for the 2008 Presidential election. HisRepublican virtues would continue onward with the private healthcare system we currently have.

Car Insurance Estimates

The best way to shave big bucks off of your car insurance premiums is to perform some online car insurance estimates with simple quote forms.

Who needs renters insurance?

57% of renters do not have renters insurance but are 50% more likely than homeowners to be victims of buglars. Most renters do not even know about renters insurance. We offer renters insurance that are as low as 17 dollars a month.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recall dates spike pet insurance claims.

Recall dates spike pet insurance claims. While non-pet food recalls continue to be in the headlines, the pet-food recalls have diminished. (more…) Share This.

Travel insurance purchase statistics

Thinking about buying travel insurance for your next journey? Then take a look at these stats.

Commercial car insurance

Do you own a business, or does your job require you to do a lot of driving? If you can answer in the affirmative to either of those statements, then you can probably look into getting a commercial car insurance policy.

The Truth about Travel Insurance

The following report was recently written for a travel and tourism web site concerning free travel insurance policies which can come with bank accounts, etc. The truth about some travel insurance – a view from the UK.

Editorial, Op-Eds Address Clinton’s Health Insurance Proposal

Summaries of an editorial and several opinion pieces that address a proposal to expand health insurance to all US residents announced on Monday by presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (DN.Y.) appear below.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Federal credit and insurance programs: Housing

This paper reviews the evolution of the major credit and insurance programs undertaken by the US government in support of urban housing.

Prometric secures South Carolina Department of Insurance contract

US-based Prometric, a provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment services, has announced that the South Carolina Department of Insurance has signed a new contract for the development and delivery of its insurance licensing ...

E O Insurance Poll (by: rad)

How many brokers & LOs here have E & O insurance? If so which company do you recommend? I have had E & O insurance for many years and am considering dropping it. - Last Post by: rad on 08/26/2007 @ 5:05 PM.

SCHIP: Analyzing The Insurance Program’s Hot-Button Issues

In a wistful and wise editorial in the August 3 Washington Post, David Broder mourned what the SCHIP debate had become–an ugly polarizing event.

The Importance Of Title Insurance: has a good article about title insurance and it's importance in all real estate transactions. It is fairly short but covers some of the most important details and reasons for title insurance.

Public Liability Insurance: Is Your Company Protected? Posted By ...

Most business owners realize that liability insurance is an essential part of protecting your business.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why US travelers need to buy Travel Medical Insurance when ...

Unexpected accident and illness while on vacations and trips could be very frustrating. This is the reason why US travelers need to avail of a Travel Medical Insurance when traveling to Canada.

An open letter to Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency (APIA)

Dear APIA, please cease the broadcast of your 'Understanding, not just insurance' TV commercials immediately.

Insurance Mandates

Insurance mandates in Delaware can increase the cost of insurance by as much as 30%.

A Flood Insurance Primer - Why Are So Few Homeowners Insured?

Flood insurance was a hot topic in the wake of Gulf Coast hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homeowner Insurance

Protect your home and those you share it with. In addition to providing shelter and comfort for ourselves and our loved ones, our home is often our single greatest asset. And it’s important that we protect that precious investment.

Md. to give grads break on health insurance

For many new college graduates, a reward for four years of hard work is being kicked off their parents' health insurance the day they put on their cap and gown.

Who needs life insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to replace the income should the provider of the family passes away.

08.06.2007 18:28 - Krasnoyarsk insurance company Nadezhda listed ...

Krasnoyarsk CJSC Nadezhda insurance company was listed among top 500 Russia's biggest insurance companies by RBC agency. The rating was compiled on the basis of premiums volume for the first quarter of 2007.

Online car insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank - get

Online car insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank - get a quote and apply online now for an added discount.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Since 1867, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps have been used to assess fire insurance liability in United States cities.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Catastrophic Health Insurance: Do You Need to Add a Catastrophic ...

If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, or if you just don’t want to pay for coverage you don’t need, you might want to look into buying a catastrophic health insurance plan.

Insurance Law

The Insurance Law was adopted in 2004, sets out the legal basis for insurance activities and government regulation, and regulates the relations between insurance agencies and individuals and legal entities.

Check Insurance Before Hurricane Season Swoops In - Washington Post

Washington Post Check Insurance Before Hurricane Season Swoops InWashington Post, DC - 56 minutes ago… special flood insurance policy.

How to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

ne of the necessary costs, which are geverursacht, if itpossesses your house, insure it. All eigenheimbesitzer should have it.If they do not play, them a very dangerous play.

Best Term Life Insurance Rate - Compare Term Life

Don't Pay a Pretty Policy Penny If you are looking for life insurance and would like to compare premiums with an eye to getting the best rate the first thing you can do is rule out the no-exam life insurance policies.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Understanding The Minefield of Car Insurance

Looking for a car, be it a brand new model or a pre-loved car with one or more previous owners, you do compare the many features of the vehicle. Yet when insuring your car, many times this is the last thing you would think of doing. - Car insurance done properly

Car insurance is such a nasty business, but SwiftCover has surprised me yet again by beating the big traditional houses by a large amount.

I detest life-insurance agents; they always....

Hello and welcome again to my quote of the hour - hope you like this one - check back in an hour for more!

California Individual Health Insurance Quote

california individual health insurance quote. Long Term Care Insurance PriceLearn about long term care insurance price and its significance in past years and what it may mean to you today.

Cheap Travel Insurance Worldwide For Over 65

Stop wasting your time sifting through websites that offer false promises of cheap travel insurance worldwide for over 65 .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Life Insurance: What To Expect

Yes You Need It. I've been thinking about life insurance for a long time. I know I need it, however, for some reason I always put it off. Well in order to comply with my stated goals for 2007, I took the plunge!

House Owner Insurance Cost

house owner insurance cost. Consider using life insurance to pay estate taxes (Montgomery Advertiser)As things stand in early 2007, es??tate and generation skipping (GST) taxes will be repealed in 2010 and reinstated in 2011.

What the Auto Insurance Companies Know About You?

What the Auto Insurance Companies Know About You? Date Posted: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 By Grace Navas -->American values have always given top priority to the right to privacy.

Morgan Stanley, Apax to Acquire Hub Insurance Brokerage for $1.8 ...

Morgan Stanley, Apax to Purchase Hub for $1.8 Billion (Update5) By Jason Kelly and Zachary R. Mider Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Morgan Stanley and Apax Partners Worldwide LLP agreed to buy Chicago-based Hub International Ltd.

What to look for in good Health Insurance

Health insurance is a kind of protection that provides payment of benefits for covered sickness or injury.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smokers Might Fund Children Insurance

Smokers in Oregon might foot the bill for children’s health insurance. It is argued that,.

Boston Dental Insurance

Our website covers all the basics of boston dental insurance - from beginning to end. We have gathered these resources to help you long term care insurance rating as soon as possible.

Fiver insurance

A couple of years ago I got a little careless while towing on a narrow mountain road. I took a sharp curve too close to the edge and whacked my trailer pretty hard on a vertical rock wall.

"At Last Health Insurance You Can Afford"

Looking for affordable health insurance? Check out the facts and pitfalls on this site before signing up for any health insurance and avoid costly mistakes.

Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance

Third party offers a measure of coverage to policyholders, including protection against fire and theft. The law requires we at least have third-party coverage with indemnity to protect us against accidents that occurred on shared roads.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Manchester, NH insurance agency auto insurance progressi

Manchester, NH insurance agency auto insurance progressive drive insurance commercial

Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation - Insurance Informat

These weight loss surgery patients can share their experience with their insurance companies and how their cases were handled. - Compare Insurance Quotes from Top In Insurance for professionals, graduates, students etc. All about insurance. All state Insurance.

What Are Your Rights when dealing with auto insurance repair

Prestige Auto Coach Craft in Marina Del Rey, California is in your corner

India Business/Finance News - India - Future Generali insura

Chennai, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Ltd and Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd have been granted certificates to transact life and non-life insurance business respectively. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authorit

health insurance for the self employed

Sometimes I shake my head in amazement. I'm not talking to anyone who is planning to create a minimum wage income from their business. In fact, quite the opposite: most of the people I talk to expect to be able to make good money from their product or service. So they have to buy health insurance. So what?

Get a Free Life Insurance Quote Online at

When you use to get a life insurance quote online, free health insurance quote, or free medical insurance quote, you'll save time and money with our free, zero obligation process.

Holtan Insurance - Long-Term Care Worksheet

Holtan Insurance specializes in Long-Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, and Annuities. Also specializing in the insurance needs of families with special needs children.

South Dakota Real Estate Insurance,South Dakota Homeowner's

excellent resources on South Dakota Real Estate Insurance,South Dakota Homeowner's insurance,South Dakota insurance brokers

Home Page of Ball-Martin Insurance Agency

independent insurance agency, personal, business and financial coverage